Toni's Proposition for Wycombe

Steve Baker MP Disappointingly Votes Against Same Sex Marriage (Again!)

MPs have voted to permit same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland by a margin of 383 votes to 73. Wycombe’s MP Steve Baker was amongst the 73 MP’s who voted against.


Wycombe Liberal Democrats Equality Spokesperson Felicity Hazelgreen said:

“We are overjoyed at the result of the vote last night regarding same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland, but we are saddened that Steve Baker MP didn’t support this vital freedom for the citizens of Northern Ireland, as they have been consistently let down by their own politicians on this issue.  The Liberal Democrats believe in absolute equality and so pushed through the same-sex marriage laws for Great Britain while in government in 2013. Mr Baker voted against same-sex marriage then too - it is a shame to see that he hasn’t rethought his stance since then, even though many of his colleagues have.”

Liberal Democrats at London Pride

Stunning Result for Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats are celebrating as they achieved their best ever result in the European Elections.

In a fantastic result spread across the UK, Liberal Democrats elected 16 MEPs. Our biggest team ever. This is a clear indication that people want to STOP BREXIT.

In Wycombe the Liberal Democrats came a strong second receiving more votes than both the Conservatives and Labour parties combined!

Winning Liberal Democrats



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Save Our Children's Centres

Liberal Democrats believe that every child should get a fair chance in life. 

Councillors on Bucks County Council are proposing cuts to our Children's Centres. It will result in our 35 Children’s Centres in Bucks being replaced by just 14 Family Centres.

NONE of these proposed 14 family centres are in Totteridge or Micklefield.

This means we will go from having 2 centres to ZERO!

The Liberal Democrats are demanding better for our children and young families.

Sign our petition here.

You can also complete Bucks County Council's consultation here.

Lib Dem Members Campaigning Against Cuts To Our Children's Centres

Car Wash Planning Application Should be Rejected

Wycombe Liberal Democrats have been talking with Micklefield residents about the car wash planning application that has been submitted.

Local campaigner Ian Morton said

“Residents are rightly saying that the proposed location for this car wash is not suitable. The proposal would site the car wash in a small car park right next to the busy Wycombe Marsh retail park junction. It would only take a few cars queuing to cause additional chaos at this busy junction. We are already concerned at the levels of air pollution in this area so anything that creates more traffic congestion will only add to the problem. Residents in Micklefield already have to queue too long at this junction at most times of the day so residents are saying “SUD OFF” to the car wash!”

Car Wash group

Pictures: Local residents join with our local team to protest at these plans

General Election Manifesto

Today, we launched our Manifesto.  See what Tim Farron says are the key points and look up points that interest you.

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Thank You!

key_thank-you_v3.jpgThank you for voting for us in the County Council elections.  Full results can be seen on the Bucks County Council site by clicking here and selecting your Ward.

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Former Wycombe Labour Candidate Joins Lib Dems

Andrew Lomas was Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Wycombe in 2010. He is also an active councillor in Kensington and Chelsea. We are delighted that he is joining the Lib Dem family. Speaking to Liberal Democrat Voice, Andrew said:

after over a decade as a member of the Labour Party in which I’ve variously been a council candidate, parliamentary candidate, branch secretary, borough campaigns chair, councillor, and deputy group leader, I’ve had enough. I’ve left a party only interested in talking to itself, and joined the Liberal Democrats.

Wycombe Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesman, Steve Guy, said:

Labour's internal battles are preventing it from functioning as an effective opposition in a time of enormous national crisis. I have no doubt that Jeremy Corbyn's lamentable performance in the referendum campaign has contributed to the appalling mess we now find ourselves in. The Tories clearly have no idea how they are going to deliver Brexit without trashing our economy in the process.

More than ever, Britain needs an opposition which understands and believes in a positive vision for our future. Increasingly, people are seeing that it is the Liberal Democrats who have that vision, and the unity required to fight for it.


Hospital Campaign

Recently organisers of a petition calling for the return of an Accident & Emergency department to Wycombe Hospital held a demonstration in High Wycombe. A number of former Mayors of our town attended to give their support.

This petition has been supported by 10,000 local residents.

You can sign the petition here

Conservative MP Steve Baker dubbed the campaign, which so many local residents support, 'irresponsible.'

Currently residents of Wycombe who experience a medical emergency have to travel to either Stoke Mandeville Hospital (13 miles away) or Wexham Park Hospital (14 miles away). We believe this risks people's lives.

Wycombe Liberal Democrats have always opposed the loss of services from Wycombe Hospital and in 2013 collected over 16,000 signatories on a petition calling for an investigation into the cover provided for Wycombe residents by Stoke Mandeville.  

In 2015 our members supported the campaign to hand back our hospital services.

We will continue to campaign for a new, modern A&E at Wycombe Hospital. It would be irresponsible not to.




Hands Off Gomm Valley

Liberal Democrats campaigners Paula Lee and Ian Morton are fighting to protect Gomm Valley, one of the last unspoilt dry valleys in the Chilterns, from development. With other sites due to be released nearby and numerous empty business premises across the district there is no need to release Gomm Valley for development. 


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