Business Survey

The Liberal Democrats understand that, without successful businesses, we have no wealth-creation, innovation, creativity, tax revenues, skills or international standing. Now is the time to set policies that deliver strong economic growth and jobs. The COVID-19 pandemic created an economic shock o...

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Take Action on Spam Calls

Working from home during the pandemic has really brought home to me the huge inconvenience caused by unwanted recorded phone calls. Already this morning I have had 4 recorded calls from different numbers, all supposedly from my Internet Service Provider threatening to cut off my internet within t...

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Postal Voting

To apply to vote by post you need to download, print and fill in the postal vote application form. You can apply for a particular election or referendum, for a specific time period, or for a permanent postal vote. Completed forms should be returned directly to: Buckinghamshire Council (Wycombe O...

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Wycombe Liberal Democrats are a diverse team which includes volunteers, members, Councillors, and 1 MEP. We represent and champion the views of the people, communities, and businesses in the Wycombe Constituency.

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