Supporting our Teachers

Liberal Democrats believe that education is the best way to give our children the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Wycombe Schools are facing severe real term cuts unless the Government allocates more money.


When we were in Government we ensured that extra funds were given to schools according to how many pupils they had from disadvantaged backgrounds. Many schools in Wycombe benefited from this extra money.

Now the Conservative government together with their colleagues on Bucks County Council will be making substantial real term cuts to education.

Research by the Nation Union of Teachers has shown how this will affect our local schools. Ash Hill School in Micklefield for example could lose the equivalent of 2 teachers (based on the average teacher salary at Ash Hill Primary School, or £37,250 if the figure is not published).

You can see how these cuts will affect your local school by visiting the campaign site here 

Trevor Snaith says "This is not acceptable, I will stand up for our local schools and fight these cuts. Please sign the petition here."

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