Hands Off Gomm Valley

Liberal Democrats campaigners Paula Lee and Ian Morton are fighting to protect Gomm Valley, one of the last unspoilt dry valleys in the Chilterns, from development. With other sites due to be released nearby and numerous empty business premises across the district there is no need to release Gomm Valley for development. 


 Ian Morton said "There is a clear reluctance on the part of the Conservative leadership to look at alternative sites. We have a huge number of business premises that are lying empty. Let's use them first before we destroy Gomm Valley."

'Undemocratic Decision"

The decision to release all 5 reserve sites at the same time has been made by just 8 Conservative councillors rather than the full council of 60 members.

Councillor Paula Lee said:

“I know from speaking to many councillors from across the district that many are uncomfortable with the decision making process that has been used. Local democracy is at stake here.

“It is clear that many councillors are unhappy that all the sites have been released for development when existing Brown Field sites have not been utilised to their full potential."


No Confidence in Conservative Leadership

Local residents have set up a petition to express the fact that they have no confidence in the Conservative leadership of Wycombe District Council. You can sign that petition here.

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