General Election Manifesto

Today, we launched our Manifesto.  See what Tim Farron says are the key points and look up points that interest you.

Tim says

"Brexit is at the heart of our manifesto. At this historic moment, nothing is more important to us. A bad Brexit deal, with Britain outside the Single Market, will wreck our children’s future. It will wreak havoc on our economy, our schools and our hospitals. It will turn Britain into a regressive, isolated and inconsequential nation.

That’s why today, we are committing to giving you the final say – via a referendum – on the Brexit deal. And if you don't like the terms? You should have the choice to reject the deal and remain in Europe. This is a democracy, after all."

He goes on to talk about investment in education, the health service and a plan for helping buy that all important first home.  It's all in the Manifesto.  Read the bits that interest you and make an informed decision.


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