High Wycombe wants a People's Vote

Wycombe Liberal Democrat members were in High Wycombe Town Centre on Saturday 11th August where we met and listened to the concerns of local residents. We also had our 'Brexitometer' where everyone could give us their view on Brexit.Liberal Democrats members

What we found is that residents of High Wycombe think the Conservatives are making a mess of Brexit. There was also disappointment that the local Conservative MP Steve Baker had walked away from his responsibilities and left the Government in chaos.

Some leave supporters were replaying the arguments from 2016 and haven't yet acknowledged that we have moved on and now have a clearer picture of the damage that Brexit is doing to our country. We know for instance that the NHS is really struggling to recruit additional nurses so the fact that thousands of European nurses have left the Nursing and Midwifery Council register since the referendum is putting an additional strain on our local hospitals.

There was an overwhelming majority of people who took part in our Brexitometer who supported the idea of a People's Vote once we know what the negotiated final deal looks like.

Breitometer results


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