Local Launch of Manifesto

Steve Guy launched the LibDem Manifesto locally last night when he described to members his vision of a friendly and caring society which welcomed all those who contributed to our economy, provided a fully funded NHS and social care for the increasing elderly population.  He pledged to continue to fight for Wycombe Hospital A&E reminding us that he had ensured that the Lido re-opened on the Rye so anything was possible with a fight.

He wanted to see a properly funded education system with the per pupil budget growing alongside the growth in pupil numbers rather than being cut as at present.

If you would like to read a brief version of the Manifesto see www.libdems.org.uk/manifesto-glance


No Way Junction 3A

No Way Junction 3A

Wycombe Liberal Democrats are extremely concerned that if the proposed M40 junction 3A goes ahead it will have a huge impact upon the residents and our local environment in the East of Wycombe. Wycombe Marsh in particular would be badly hit. Please sign our petition and say a clear NO WAY TO JUNCTION 3A.