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Free School Meals

Liberal Democrats have made sure that every child in infant school in High Wycombe will get free school meals, saving families around £437 a year per child.


This is one of the most important changes in our education system for a generation. A hot, healthy meal at lunchtime for all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will raise school standards and help families save money.

We’ve provided £150m to upgrade school kitchens and dining rooms, on top of a billion pounds of new money to fund the meals. We’ve also made the policy law to give schools certainty that it will be a lasting change in our schools system. As of September 2014, over 98% of schools were delivering a hot meal every day to all children aged 5-7.

Now help us to give a free school meal to every primary school pupil

The Liberal Democrats have also said that it is our aspiration to expand the policy to give free school meals to every primary school pupil in England. We are putting this aspiration in our manifesto for the 2015 General Election and need your support to make this happen, Join us here and help us campaign for it to be given a top priority in the next Government.

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