Major Lib Dem Local Government Conference Held In Milton Keynes

Wycombe Liberal Democrat Councillors were among 150 Lib Dem councillors from across the country who descended on the Jury’s Inn, Milton Keynes on 27/28th June to attend the major, annual Lib Dem’s Local Government Conference, this year entitled “The Future of Local Government”.

MK Mayor Welcomes Malcolm Bruce

Milton Keynes Mayor, Subhan Shafiq with Malcolm Bruce MP (Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems).

The Conference was opened by the Mayor of Milton Keynes, Cllr Subhan Shafiq, who thanked the delegates for coming to Milton Keynes and invited them to come back as tourists and visit Bletchley Park, the International Festival, our great shops and our wonderful green spaces.

This was followed by a speech by Malcolm Bruce, MP, Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems. He highlighted what the Lib Dems had achieved in government including the triple lock on pensions, reducing the tax burden, introducing apprenticeships and the pupil premium.

Catherine speaking at LGA conference

Catherine Bearder MEP speaking to Lib Dem Councillors

There were training sessions, fringe meetings, policy sessions on support for older people and housing and an exhibition for delegates to visit.

Speeches were made by the head of the Lib Dems on the Local Government Association (LGA), Gerald Vernon-Jackson from Portsmouth, Catherine Bearder MEP for our region and also by Eastleigh Council leader, Cllr. Keith House.

The Conference was closed by Justice Minister, Simon Hughes MP, who told the audience that his great grandmother had come from Wolverton. Simon Hughes said: “It was really good to come back to Milton Keynes where I have had strong family roots and where the Lib Dems have an excellent record of working in the community”.


Wycombe Liberal Democrat Chairman Neil Timberlake, and leader of the LibDem group on Wycombe District Council Simon Parker took the Eurostar to Brussels to meet with Catherine Bearder MEP and her staff, and have a personal guided tour of the European Parliament.

Neil said “It was my first visit to Brussels, a place I have long wanted to visit, and it was a great opportunity to see behind the scenes and learn about the work of the European Parliament and what our MEPs have been doing there”.

“The next elections for the European Parliament take place in the UK on 22 May and these are vitally important to shape the future of the EU and Britain’s place within it.    Nigel Farage’s UKIP and right-wing Conservatives are pushing the UK towards the exit door – putting upwards of 3 million UK jobs at risk in the process and threatening to seriously damage the UK’s worldwide influence and diplomatic and trading positions.   The Labour Party are too timid to make a stand on these important issues, and it has been left to the Liberal Democrats to make the case for internationalism and retaining and strengthening Britain’s positive international role.”

Simon and Neil were shown one of the committee rooms and had their photo taken next to the European Union flag at the main rostrum and were treated to a working lunch with Catherine.

The Wycombe LibDem delegation were then allowed a peek into the chamber of the Parliament just before it went into session.

Simon said “Liberal Democrat members in Wycombe are working hard to ensure that Catherine Bearder gets re-elected to the European Parliament in May, alongside Anthony Hook our new candidate who is seeking to replace our other MEP in this region, Sharon Bowles, who is stepping down.  We are putting out some excellent literature for the campaign”

A&E Petition Hits 6000

Our petition calling for an investigation into the Accident and Emergency service provided by Stoke Mandeville Hospital to Wycombe residents has now reached 6000. Another 2000 are required in order to trigger a debate at Bucks County Council.

If you have yet to sign the petition then please sign it online at

The right priorities for Buckinghamshire

Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg has launched the Liberal Democrat 2013 local election campaign. In his speech, he set out how Liberal Democrats have the right priorities in tough times.

For example, Liberal Democrat-controlled local authorities protect the services people value most and last year, no Liberal Democrat-led council closed any libraries.

This is in contrast to Labour and the Conservatives’ record in local government. It shows that, even when millions of families are feeling the pinch, they’ll both squander taxpayers’ money on waste, inefficiency and their own vanity projects.

For example, here in Bucks, the Conservatives are spending £2 million on new windows for County Hall.

Commenting, Chaudhary Ditta said:

It is scandalous that when ordinary people in  Bucks are feeling under pressure because of the difficult economic circumstances, the Conservatives waste £2 million on expensive windows.

Liberal Democrats know how to choose the right priorities for people here. We are working hard to build a stronger economy in a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life.” 

The Liberal Democrats are fielding candidates in every seat in the Bucks County Council elections on May 2nd. Labour didn’t win a single seat  last time and have failed to put up a candidate in many of the seats this time. In Bucks a vote for Labour could let the Tories sneak back in.


Download manifesto BucksCCManifesto


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Tax Cut for Wycombe Residents

The coalition Government last month unveiled plans to lift 3,770 people in Wycombe District out of paying income tax, while over 65,000 will see their bills cut.

Catherine Bearder, a Liberal Democrat MEP for the South East, hoped the reduction would start helping hard-pressed families.

She said: “The tax system had gotten increasingly unfair under successive Governments during the last few decades, sucking more and more people into paying income tax.

“That is why the Liberal Democrats did the right thing and made rebalancing the tax system a priority, putting it on the front page of our manifesto.

“On Friday, the income tax threshold is raised for the second year in a row.”

Next year the income tax threshold will rise again, increasing the tax cut to £45 a month and this will continue until reaching a personal allowance of £10,000.

It means someone working full-time on the minimum wage will have had their income tax bill halved.

Catherine added: “Liberal Democrats are making sure the rich pay their fair share, by closing loopholes, introducing a tycoon tax and cracking down on tax avoidance.

“As we clean up the economic mess Labour left behind, it is right than the broadest shoulders bear the heaviest burdens.

“That is also why every Liberal Democrat-run council in England has frozen Council Tax, unlike Labour and the Tories.”

Catherine at Cressex Community School